Jaels Creations
Men's & Women's Clothing Alterations
If it can be sewn, we can do it.
What we do
Jael’s creations is a platform for us to do what we love. We’ve been sharpening our craft long before founding this business. Our goal is for you to enter our shop with an idea, and leave with it in your hands.
Business Hours
Tuesday - Friday
10AM - 6PM
Saturday - Monday
Our Prices
Items are typically turned around in one week. There is a 30% rush fee (minimum $5).
Pant Hems
Slacks (With Cuff)
Add $8
Lined Slacks
Add $5
Hem Pants With Side Slits
$10 - $18
Heavy Duty Pants
Hem With Elastic
Shirt Hems
Basic T-Shirt Material
Straight Edge Rolled Hem
$10 - $14
Rolled Hem With Curve
Add $6 - $12
Hem With Side Slits
Add $2
Skirt and Dress Hems
Basic Maxi Style
$12 - $14
Basic Blind Stitch
$12 - $16
Basic Blind Stitch With Slit
Rolled Hem
Special Fabric/Formal Wear
Add $8
Narrow Lining
Add $12
Full Lining
Add $2
Sweater Fabric
$18 Min
Shorten From Waist
Slacks - Taper And Waist Adjustments
$8 - $15
Taper Outer Leg
Taper Inner Leg
$16 - $24
Taper Inner and Outer Leg
$14 - $22
Take in Waist, Center Back
$22 - $30
Take in Waist, Side Seams
$12 - $22
New Elastic Waistband
Alter Jeans
Taper Legs, One Seam
Add $8
Additional Seams
Add $6
Seams With Single Topstitch
Add $12
Seams with Double Topstitch
Reapply Topstitching
Basic Pants
Lined Pants
Leg From Knee
Uniform Shirts
Sweatshirts (Unlined)
Sweatshirts (Lined)
Jackets (Unlined)
Jackets (Lined)
Add $4
Jackets (With Flap)
$1 Each
Resew Shirt Button
$3 Each
Resew Coat Button
$5 Each
Resew Coat Button With Backer Button
Jean Button
Suspender Buttons
Button Cost
New Button
$7 Set
Hook and Eye
$6 Set
$7 Min
Add Buttonhole
Premade Patches (Small)
Premade Patches (Medium)
Premade Patches (Large)
$6 - $15
Add Velcro to Patch
Start $1
Remove Patches
Suede Elbow Patches
$15 for letter ($3/Each Additional Patch)
Letterman's Jackets
$2 Min
Seam Repairs
Turn Shirt Collar
New Belt Loop
$4/Foot (width)
Hem Drapes
Frequently Asked Questions.
Do I need an appointment?
No! Visitors are always welcome.
Can I get a quote over the phone?
If it's not on the pricesheet you will need to come in so I can take a look.
Do you do men's tailoring?
Do you do wedding dresses?
No, I leave that to the specialists.
Do you do beaded or jeweled dresses?
I do not.
Do you match the original hem?
I always try my best to match it.
Who is Jael?
No one, it is a mashup of our initials.
How long have you been in business?
5 years.
How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing since my late 20's.
Visit us
Phone Number:
419 SW 1st Ave Canby, Oregon